Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Other plants for the (Proposed) Cabinet of Botanical Curiosities

This list is from the post I did some time ago on Talking Plants, just to keep these ideas in the same place as the others.

Big ones
Amorphophallus titanum; Rafflesia sp.; Victoria amazonica/cruziana; largest orchid, cactus etc. flower; fungi (basidiomycetes)...
Also Aristolochia gigantia (Pelican Flower).

Little ones
WolfsiaNymphaea thermarum (alongside Victoria); smallest orchid flower; cryptogams (models of algae/desmid, fungi and bryophytes)...

Fast ones
Stylidium (Trigger plant; also stilt plants from WA); moss capsule; that Cornus that does something interesting...

Welwitschia mirabilisDracena draco (Dragon-blood Tree); Jade vine (vivid blue-green flowers); carnivorous plants, odd cacti and succulents...

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